Birth Portfolio

why birth Photography?


For you: Birth is a beautiful thing, in every single way. Delivery can be a slow process but once it’s all over it flashes before your eyes! Dad and, especially, mom are such in the moment. It can be difficult for mothers to recall every detail of their baby’s birth. Whether it’s big or small. 

Not every photo is going to be dead center focused on the baby’s exit route. You call all the shots on where you want me at! However the day(s) go, this is YOUR birth and I’m there to be your extra support and capture every beautiful moment. If you only want me to be a fly on the wall and to never cheer you on, well I can’t not do that. I’m going to say “Good job Momma” plenty of times. I want to be a familiar voice and face. I whole heartedly want you to feel like I’m your friend with the camera.

Birth is beautiful. It’s not all about crotch shots (unless you are all about those angles). I live for the emotion on dad’s face when he finally holds his baby’s little finger. I live for mom’s scream of relief when she realizes “I DID IT”. I live for her crackling voice saying “Hi, I’m your momma”. 


For me:  Best believe capturing and being present for a birth is so f**cking magical and means way more to me than dollar signs. (Yeah I said it). I have two children of my own. For my first I don’t have many pictures. The few I have aren’t very good and the other few I have got lost. I still ask my family for some of the small details I just didn’t have the energy to notice or remember. For my second baby I had much more maternity photos. I also had some birth photos. I tear up looking back at them. I also tear up not having photos to remember those little, important details from my first born.