About Me


Hey y'all, I'm Corrina! 

I’m a Midwest gal living in Richlands, North Carolina. I'm a wife, mom, and I have three fluffy dogs! My husband is a veteran and that's how I've moved coast to coast. We're high school sweethearts and met all because of swim team! My son is four and my daughter is two.

I grew up in a tight knit family! I’m one of four siblings. Family has always been my number one.


Okay, okay, now what business do I have with a camera? Well I’ve always been drawn to photographs. My mom always apointed me the job of organizing the developed photos from the 90s. Organizing wasn’t the fun part, the story telling was. I’m not much of a “sit here and listen” kind of person. I’m visual with all things I do. In school, every chance I had to add images to my reports I was all over it! 


When I was about seven years old I asked for a camera for my birthday. Of course I only got a film camera but that thing was my best friend! By the time I was ten digital cameras were becoming popular. My grandparents had a new, fancy digital camera. Obviously I was interested in this beauty! I always got deflected because no way did I know what I was doing. I mean yeah I didn’t know what I was doing but even then I had the “eye”. My family began to realize handing the camera over to Corrina would result in not half bad images. Even my Grandpa, the most stubborn man you’ll meet, willingly let me use his camera. 


In 2018 I was finally able to turn this little flame I’ve had my whole life into something real! I learned my camera in and out. I became more hooked than I ever thought possible! Look where I am today! I’m a wife, mother, and photographer. The things I’ve always dreamed about being! 



Photo Credit to Lindsey Joy Photography